2018 / browser extension & website


Browser plug-in that works as a personal shopping assistant – it provides users with immediate and reliable information about the ethical and sustainable practices of the brands they're looking at.

During the 10-week course I attended at Academy Xi, we were challenged to find a problem we would like to help solve through UX.
After extensively researching about the problematic around Fast Fashion, I created surveys, conducted interviews and competitor analysis as well as personas and customer journey maps to understand people’s online shopping habits and their frustrations when trying to shop ethically.
Understanding these frustrations along with examining the current market for solutions sparked the idea for see-through.

Plug-in in action. Technology detects the brand of the item you're looking at. It'll then automatically access a database which contains information on how this specific brand acts in respect to people (labour) + planet (environmental commitments) + animals and rate it accordingly to how well the brand is performing. If rating isn't excellent it'll then recommend you with similar brands that are doing better.

The website where you download the plug-in from is designed to inform about the product as well as providing access to brands database in case you prefer to search manually.